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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Michael’s Picks

by Michael De Dora
* I’ve been poring over everything relating to Christopher Hitchens in preparation for my upcoming sit-down with the author. Here is the latest interview with Hitchens, an hour-long conversation about his illness and views with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN.
* The New York Times’ Magazine ran an incredibly interesting essay last weekend that discussed the scientific and legal issues surrounding shaken-baby syndrome.
* President Obama’s speech at the recent National Prayer Breakfast gives us a rare look into his religious beliefs. Susan Jacoby is not happy.

* Could religion be the downfall of the Tea Party? Amy Gardner of The Washington Post reports on a divide between Tea Partiers.
* The New Yorker has published an expose of Scientology. At 25,000 words, it just might be the longest article in the history of mankind, but it’s worth a read (though here’s a summary if you disagree with me).
* Jonah Lehrer writes on Wired.com about the neuroscience of music.
* A new bill proposed by Republicans would allow hospitals to turn away a pregnant woman who needs an abortion to save her life.
* Republicans also recently voted to repeal an Obama-backed bill that would destroy an asteroid headed for Earth. Just kidding, of course, though the gist of this story is summed up by a quote that strikes me as applicable elsewhere: “We believe that the decisions of how to deal with the massive asteroid are best left to the individual.”


  1. " I’ve been pouring over".........pouring what over these items? Tea?

  2. These were wonderful; particularly the article on neuroscience of music and the Hitchens interview.

    By way of a crude survey, do any fellow frequenters of RS play musical instruments? I've recently taken to banging away at the piano, with some enthusiasm if not skill.

  3. Neuroscience and music:

    There could be parallels in the ritual of religious experience here as well. Ridiculous passages of scripture exposited in church provide a *needed* dissonance, which then allows the golden rule et al. (scriptural tonic notes) to engender a profound consonance. Perhaps it keeps the believer coming back for more?

    Interesting Michael, thanks.


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