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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Massimo's Picks!

* The electron is far too round! And that spells trouble for post-Standard Model physics.

* Birds offer some insight into the evolution of extended families, but much mystery remains.

* The NSA is both fascist and tyrannical, Mussolini and John Locke agree.

* We need Adam Smith's moral philosophy more than his economics. (Ignore the final rant about misguided liberals...)

* Philosophy of novels and philosophy in novels.

* The "Francis effect" and the fundamental quandary of modern religions (except Islam).

* Is the (over) documented life worth living?

* Why human beings need to fail.

* The shameless selling of attention deficit disorder.


  1. About Adam Smith we could say that most of his followers are like christian fundamentalists, in that they cherry-pick the parts they like and ignore the parts they do not like.

  2. Yet this nasty habit is common to all walks if life including you and I.


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