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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rationally Speaking podcast: On Science Fiction and Philosophy

By its very nature, science fiction has always been particularly suited to philosophical exploration. In fact, some of the best science fiction novels, short stories, movies, and TV shows function like extended philosophical thought experiments: what might cloning tell us about our views on personal identity?

If we could all take a pill to be happy, would we want to do that? In this episode, Massimo and Julia recall some of their favorite philosophically-rich science fiction, and debate the potential pitfalls in using science fiction to reach philosophical conclusions.

Julia's pick: "3 Worlds Collide"
Massimo's pick: "Four kinds of philosophical people"

The Philosophical Roots of Science Fiction
Science Fiction and Philosophy: From Time Travel to Superintelligence


  1. Great podcast,thanks!

    Julia, I started reading Ted Chiang at lunch today and I second your recommendation!

  2. I very enjoy your podcast and specifically this episode, thank you!

  3. I agree, great show. Of course the topic was one of the reasons, but I really enjoy how Massimo and Julia create a conversation. I just realized I like the non-guest shows better, because a guest just gets in the way of your conversation. Bravo!


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