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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Massimo's Picks

by Massimo Pigliucci

* US voters not as partisan as their parties.

* The ethics of brain boosting.

* Philosophy & Theory in Biology: what is the twofold cost of sex?

* On the use of philosophy.

* A good argument in defense of teachers' unions.

* (More) reasons not to trust your banker.

* The important thing about dishonesty is that we should try to be honest about it.

* Scientists boycotting Elsevier.

* The hypocrisy of the American Supreme Court, politicians and the media, all in one clip.

* Is there a god gap for atheism?

Religion for atheists? de Botton says so.

* How the Government intimidates journalists and bloggers.

Frank Cioffi, critic of Freud.


  1. Regarding Stewart's "A Love Supreme - Profanity & Nudity on TV".

    So, depicting acts of violence against women on prime time television is perfectly acceptable, whilst depicting a woman being made love to or disrobing and taking a shower is not?

    This illogic certainly is not accidental given the context of the Judeo-Christian nightmare of a worldview: acts of cruelty and violence are common currency in the Hebrew texts.

    Personally, I suspect the Abrahamic god is angry that he has never felt the caress of a lover...

    1. To be fair, emphasizing the moral seriousness of sex over violence is not confined to the Judeo-Christian worldview; it seems to be a peculiarly human mistake.


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