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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rationally Speaking on (partial) Winter break!

Dear Readers,

The writers of Rationally Speaking are going to take what I think is a much deserved Winter break for a couple of weeks, as a consequence of which the blog will return with new posts in mid-January.

However, we all know that these days people have an insatiable need for new things to read (who said our is a society devoted to mindless entertainment?), think about, and discuss with like minded as well as not so akin readers. Which is why we are going to follow the lead of television and radio stations across the country and run "encore" features, i.e., previously published posts that may be ready for a fresh look and some more discussion.

Yes, we know that you can easily search the blog's archives, but RS has now published a whopping 853 posts since its inception in August 2005, posts that have been graced with (at last count) 1,072,597 page views resulting in 21,710 comments. It is reasonable to believe that you may have missed something worth checking out again.

So stay tuned, enjoy our re-runs, and look forward to our writers coming back refreshed and ready for more thoughtful commentary on science, philosophy, politics and religion throughout next year.


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