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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tunç’s Picks

By Tunç Iyriboz
* HuffPo sometimes loses it. Don’t believe this crap. If you have cancer, get your scientifically proven conventional treatment. If you really want to add herbs and stuff, ask your physician first. Not everything natural is good for you. Some herbs will kill you.
* Aliens responsible for crop circles finally identified by Stephen Fry. Are the circles real, or are they man-made? (as in real magic.)
* The Pope, or letting other people do it #1: A cryptic legal subsystem of dishonesty embedded within our legal system. The oh-so-timely The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse by Geoffrey Robertson.
* The Pope, or letting other people do it #2: The hilarious Louis C.K. at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the difference between doing it yourself or letting others do it.
* Anderson Cooper interviews Andrew Shirvell, assistant attorney general, Michigan, who has been cyberbullying and stalking the University of Michigan student assembly president Chris Armstrong. I am afraid we’ll hear of Mr. Shirvell next when he is arrested in an airport bathroom soliciting services from an undercover police officer.

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  1. David Gorski registered a good blog entry on the HuffPo article:



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