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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Massimo's picks

* Christmas and the Uncertainty Principle, from xkcd.

* Not even veganism is ethically acceptable? Oh, c'mon!

* The Osteen empire: how to make money through Jesus. Yuck.

* The top 10 philosophical problems of the 21st century, according to Philosophy Talk. What do you think?

* Gail Collins on why exactly Joe Lieberman is so awful.


  1. I find point 7 quite odd, is neuroscience really changing the problem of free will? Same goes for point 8, I'm not really sure how neuroscience is throwing something new on the problem - merely confirming what has long been suspected.

  2. Of course veganism is not "ethically acceptable", at least not for the reasons they like to use.

    You didn't take the NYT article completely seriously, did you? :-)

  3. Osteen seldom if ever teaches that people need to turn away (repent) from their bad lifestyles or attitudes to be right with GOD and to be blessed. God DOES require obedience and that fact often seems to take a back seat in his teachings.

    Tho my husband and I are not crazy for him his popularity does demonstrate the strong need that people have for hope in their lives.


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