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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Massimo's picks

* Believe it or not, some Republicans can even vote against the prosecution of rape crimes. Watch the Jon Stewart commentary.

* Can you be good without God? A million New Yorkers are.

* The Big Apple has a new Coalition for Reason.

* Jon Stewart interviews Jennifer Burns, author of a new book about Ayn Rand.

* Plagiarism software identified a new play by Shakespeare (he wasn't cheating...).

* The year's biggest hoax is not the child in the flying balloon, it is how our money is being embezzled by White House supported Wall Street interests.

* On "suggestive evidence," a different philosophical look at what evidence is.


  1. Massimo, I was quite disappointed by that eBook article. Most of those thinkers seem to talk about some idea of screen reading which simply does not match technological reality, nor what is likely to be developed in the very near future. There are better readings on the subject.

  2. Paolo,

    yes, most of them seemed to be missing the point. The reason I linked to it is because it is interesting that major outlets like the NYT are now taking the phenomenon seriously on a regular basis.


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