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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Massimo's Picks

* An article from a few months ago, on Star Trek's bold vision for the future and critical involvement with events of the present.

* Traces of the Origin of Species: a graphic comparison of how Charles Darwin changed his mind about what he wanted to say across six editions of his book.

* Being smart is sexy, apparently. Then again, it is an evolutionary psychologist who tells us so. Caveat emptor.

* Fruit Loops is health food... according to Kellogg's and its cronies, of course.

* Support Penn & Teller's right to make fun of the Vatican, and watch the full show free!


  1. It was clear that being smart is sexy, it became sexy. Some people where already talking about it while analizing modern ways people relate to each other, which consist much more trough media than face to face than before. Therefore to evaluate the other person most of the imput comes trough writen or verbal communication and less trough corporal signs.
    You can confirm what I say in this post
    or in the following one.
    By the way interesting the link about darwin stuff

  2. You gotta love Penn! Even his political views.

  3. Imagine the result if any political party was found to have told all its members to cover up child sex abuse! It would be crushed, or at least lose most of its members. Imagine the affect on a corporation! Yet the CC, which is, as stated in the P&T video, a business, gets away with it and gets presidential protection from W. I thought I couldn't hate that scumbag any more, but I see I was wrong. Sorry for the flame, but in this case, I feel justified.

  4. Being smart is sexy, but then they attract pretty women and http://bit.ly/1aJf60

  5. Massimo,

    Are you going to continue that series were you explain things about different philosophers?

  6. someone,

    yes, I will occasionally post something about individual philosophers. Socrates is next on my list, but I haven't had the time to get around it...


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