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Friday, February 29, 2008

Rationally Speaking, the columns, available for download

Just like the title says, this is simply to let you guys know that the full collection (five years!) of the internet column that preceded this blog is now available for download as a pdf file. Hope you'll enjoy it.


  1. Wow, that's incredible. Thanks!

    How did you get it into PDF format? There must be a lot of content, like a whole book.

  2. Scott,

    the "miracles" of Macs. All you need to do is to "print" the document as pdf and save it on your hard drive. If you want to, you can then open it an Acrobat and re-save it as optimized, which shrinks the file size significantly.

  3. BTW, if you don't have the money for Acrobat and you don't have a Mac, there is PDFCreator

  4. Thank you, JJ. I'm all for breaking Adobe's monopoly.

  5. CutePDF is another free option.

    Massimo, would you like to know about typos? I just found two:

    1. pg. 91 (97 of the PDF) 1st column, 8th line down: "flashing" => "flushing"

    2. pg. 94 (100 of the PDF) 16th line down: I think the Sagan quote says "fall out" not "fall off".

    Thanks again for making all of these essays available for download!

  6. Hello Dr. Pigliucci,

    Thanks for putting these out there. I'm enjoying reading them.


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