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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ah, the sweetness of candy Jesus

By now you will all have heard about the “controversy” surrounding an anatomically correct statue of Jesus made of chocolate, the latest idiocy from “artist” Cosimo Cavallaro – who previously brought to us a life-sized room painted with mozzarella cheese. Sorry, in my book that ain't art, but a rather cheap sensationalist stunt to gain five minutes of fame for a non-entity.

Nonetheless, the fact that Cavallaro's exhibit at Lab Gallery, inside the Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan, was canceled out of outrage is positively disturbing. Bill Donohue, of the infamous Catholic League, commented that “My Sweet Lord” (the rather unimaginative title Cavallaro gave to his creation), is “one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever.” Oh Jeez, I mean, oh shit, God forbid (darn, I've done it again!) we offend Catholic sensibilities!

What Donohue and company just don't seem to understand is that there is no constitutional protection from insult (well, there is, in Iran). Indeed, the US Constitution protects the right to offend, even in poor taste. The only reasonable defense against offense is not to go see the exhibit, or to make a chocolate statue of Cavallaro and give it a ridiculously small penis for all to see. If we are talking about offense, I am personally offended by the very existence of such a bigoted group as the Catholic League. Ergo, they should immediately cease to exist, according to their own logic.

By the way, apparently Cavallaro's idea wasn't even that original, since one can find plenty of Jesus sweets for purchase on the Internet. Try the Jesus large lollipop, for example, which you can buy for only $5, and can be made sugar free for an additional 25% (taking stuff out after having put in to begin with is apparently a costly proposition). Incidentally, when the statue will be dismantled, who is going to eat Jesus' penis? Or are they going to throw away all that good chocolate?


  1. Yeah, those idiots, Donahue and his organization. Heck, they are the ones who talk about partaking of the body of Christ. Why not make it a body of chocolate instead of one those tasteless wafers?

  2. Check this out:


  3. Life among the religious just gets ridiculouser and ridiculouser. But being tolerant (as long as no one is hurt or killed)) is one of the traits we nonbelievers treasure most, isn't it?

    Perhaps the offending male appendage could be melted down and reconfigured as an easter bunny.

  4. We now await the wrath of Khan, oops, I mean Cal.

  5. Talking about it, Massimo's countrymen are also partaking in the fun!

    Coca-Cola in Italy is suing the makers of a movie called "7 km da Gerusalemme" (although the Pope himself is happy about the movie and all that). And why? Because a modern-day Jesus in Jerusalem is shown drinking a can of Coke... I could link to the news piece on this one, but it's in Portuguese... Happy "googling" if you're interested in more details. :-)

    Now I wouldn't want any of that chocolate, as much as I like the food of the (Aztec) gods. Imagine how many bugs and what not have crawled and chewed on that thing since it was made... Ew...


  6. Massimo,

    "Incidentally, when the statue will be dismantled, who is going to eat Jesus' penis?"

    You KNOW it's gonna go for like $200 on ebay.

  7. For Some The Choco Jesus Is A Bad Thing

    Causing The Catholic League Of Justice Not To Choir Sing

    Bill Donohue, That Smarmy Self-Righteous Git

    Doesn't Have A Choco Ounce Of Humor, Not One Bit

    He's So Much A Political Thug

    With Something Up His Butt, Perhaps An Atheist Bug

    But In The End, His Flock Will Pray And Follow

    Because Their Brains Are Like Cheap Easter Bunnies, Just Plain Hollow

  8. And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? (Gen. 3:11)

    Suddenly, Jesus needs a loincloth? :)

  9. "We now await the wrath of Khan, oops, I mean Cal.

    April 04, 2007 12:24 AM"

    looking forward to that, were you? :)

    have been a long way from NM for a week or so, therefore, too busy.

    AND, I won't mess with the net when I'm with my fam in MN.

    best regards..



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