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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rationally Speaking podcast: Graham Priest on Buddhism and Other Asian Philosophies

For all the time Massimo and Julia have spent discussing and debating philosophy on Rationally Speaking, so far, it's all been philosophy from Europe and North America.

What about the philosophical traditions of, for example, Asia? In this episode, professor of philosophy Graham Priest offers a brief introduction to the philosophy of India, China, and Japan, and explains why he thinks it should be better known in the West.

Graham's pick: "The Tristan Chord: Wagner and Philosophy."


  1. I enjoyed this podcast enough that I thought it was way too short.

    Should you decide to further the discussion into Eastern philosophy (Buddhism, in particular), you might feel more comfortable with Owen Flanagan, who explicitly aligns himself with the analytic school of Western philosophy.

    1. Yes! I just started reading Flanagan thanks to a Tweet by Sean Carroll linking to a Daniel Dennett review of Flanagan (how's THAT for a pedigree?). I LOVE Flanagan's take on Buddhism so far. I hope Julia and Massimo would get him on sometime.


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