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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tunç’s Picks

By Tunç Iyriboz
Tea party, à l’allemande: New York Times article on Germany’s right wing pundit Thilo Sarrazin’s new controversial book: Deutschland schafft sich ab: Germany Does Away With Itself.
Angela Merkel’s related statement that “Multiculturalism has utterly failed”.
UC Davis psychology department page on the history of “Don’t ask don’t tell”.
Beauty. A Darwinian theory? Oh my. Dennis Dutton’s TED talk on that.
The Pope’s never ending confusing preoccupation with condoms.
Happy Thanksgiving from Liberaland.


  1. Merkel's "multikulti" statement: scary. TED: On my way. The Pope: nutjob with a job. Sarrazin's article: scary, again. Are you sure you didn't mean Happy Eternal Halloween?

  2. Why slander the guy by calling him a " right wing pundit"? He's actually a Social Democrat according to the link you yourself provide.


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