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Friday, June 27, 2008

Massimo on Facebook

Well, it was bound to happen (no, not really): I am now a member of the "social network" site Facebook

If you'd like to, well, socially networking with the author of this blog, join the cult! You can find me by simply searching for my last or full name.


  1. Damn it Massimo! I have yet to go on Facebook. And now you might have given me a reason. But what exactly is it that one does there. Can I be "your friend", or is that My Space?

  2. Sheldon,

    you can have "friends" on both Facebook and mySpace. I tried the latter and found it largely a waste of time, so I cancelled my account. Facebook seems to work better for me to do the two things I'm interested in: a) keep in touch with people I actually know; b) have some kind of additional relationship with people who are interested in my writings. Be careful, though, it can get addictive...


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