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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Atheist cruise and philosophical conversations


I have agreed to be the "philosopher in residence" during a 5-night cruise organized by New York Atheists for the end of August. The cruise will be aboard the Carnival ship Victory, and will depart New York harbor in the afternoon of Saturday, August 25.

The itinerary includes calls at St. John/Bay of Fundy and Halifax, Nova Scotia, plus a couple of "fun days at sea." During the latter, we will get together to have conversations about philosophy, humanism, politics and all the rest -- helped by the beautiful scenery and afternoon cocktails.

If anyone is interested, please contact Gloria Kingsley (Gloria@SolarTravelinc.com or 212-601-2775), possibly before the end of May or early June.


  1. Hope you enjoy my home town (Halifax).

    My daddy was a sailor and worked that same route many times (New York, St. John, Halifax). Different sort of cruise, though: he was protecting convoys for the navy during WWII.

  2. Tough life, eh? :-)

  3. Darn, wish I could go but I'm burning up most of my remaining vacation time in a few weeks visting my wife's family in the Philippines.


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