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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Meeting “Kimpatsu”

One of the nice things about traveling the world and writing a blog (obviously, two activities that are not necessarily related to each other) is that from time to time one gets to meet people who up to that point where faceless commentators on one's blog. That's what happened last week in Japan, when I managed to have dinner with “Kimpatsu,” who turned out to be a jovial and sharp Irish guy living in Japan, equipped with an entertaining sense of humor and (of course) the capacity to down more beers than the sake I could handle during the same span of time. Nice meeting you, Kimpatsu, and looking forward to doing the same with other readers of Rationally Speaking during forthcoming trips. If you happen to be in a place I'll be visiting (keep an eye on the blog for announcements), drop me an email.


  1. Yea, Massimo!
    Thanks for turning our abstract idea of who Kimpat was into a concrete one! (refer back to last "east enlight." comment) Kimpat knew so much about such a variety of stuff, I thought he'd be like 97. ;) Apparently he is not.

    But for reals, it is a nice pic of both of you.


  2. I'm the same age as Missimo, Cal.Not that old, as you can see...
    For the record, I'm Anglo-Irish, not straight Irish, and have dual nationality. Also, FYI, "Kimpatsu" is Japanese for "blonde hair", which is what most people called me when I first visited Japan, over 20 years ago now.
    It was a fantastic evening, meeting Max and talking about skepticism, Japan, and other sundry topics, whilst eating and drinking Japanese izakaya style.
    Next time I'm in New York, the beers are on Massimo...

  3. Do you like the name kimpatsu? Or do you go by "Tony"?

    you may wonder how we get to this question in this thread...but it doesn't exactly fit the enlightenment thread either.

    Because two brains are theoretically better than one, why do you think that men are more inclined towards sticking to philosophical discussion than the opposite gender?

    I have tried to have some serious conversations with other women I know who seem interested in philo, but in the end eventually most women tend to be more INCLINED towards taking things personally. I have had a friend who is part Syrian who does not. She is reasonably well-educated,(a pharmacist) and we can have difficult discussions without her getting upset and never speaking to me again. One always appreciates that in a person.

    One thing that some women probably don't have the patience to do is to build infinitely on information that one already has. To me, to be able do so, that is almost addictive. Kind of like following a lovely butterfly from one beautiful meadow to the next...I mean, where do you stop?

    So, is that what also keeps you in these types pursuits, Tony?

    And then again, maybe none of it has a thing to do with gender. Maybe it has something to do with having a proverbial screw loose. ;)


  4. .......and don't forget morihei ueshiba and the art of peace.


  5. o,

    and then, no matter how hard one tries some things are just a little too odd to figure out.

    good luck

  6. Cal, normally people call me Tony. "Kimpatsu" is the name I use in cyberspace.
    Oberon, I'll see your Aikido and raise you Shorinji Kempo: http://www.shorinjikempo.or.jp/wsko/

  7. "Kimpatsu" is the name I use in cyberspace."

    I see.

    And you certainly don't have to agree to thinking of meadows and butterflies as having anything to do with philosophy, k? Guys don't relate to that, huh. Have no idea why I got off on that silly bit of meandering.

    If you could obliterate that whole entire comment, Massimo, that would be cool with me.

  8. Kevin Eric ClarkMarch 30, 2007 2:51 PM

    Massimo, hang out with us next week in Stony Brook! We are your biggest fans! We would absolutely love to take you out to dinner and drinks!

    -Kevin Eric Clark
    Stony Brook University

  9. Kevin,

    I'd love to, but not next week (it's Spring break... :)

    Drop me an email and we'll come up with something.


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